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It’s Friday and this is the Love List

Because noticing moments of wisdom, beauty, and delight really does make a difference

We had a lovely family brunch on Sunday at Eppings. I didn’t know until afterwards that it was National Coffee Day, but luckily, I snapped this picture of my cup, which I think is probably Nate’s.


I spoke to and shared art with the Lexington Women’s Club this week and it was delightful to be with them. They were a kind and responsive audience and I loved talking about my story and my process.

I found a couple of old art journals and had a good time looking through them and remembering spreads I’d completely forgotten about.

And, despite the oppressive heat, I started putting out my Halloween decorations. (Our temps are finally going down today.)


I also found two perfect Halloween mugs at Marshall’s. I’m always on the hunt for Halloween mugs. I like my Halloween stuff to have a particular vibe and I was thrilled when I spied these.


I’ve already watched Hocus Pocus twice, in case you were wondering.


Links I Loved

Speaking of coffee

Rosh Hashanah: Come, Whoever You Are

Feelings aren’t evidence that we are broken or insane

Resistance is another face of fear

I realize I’m late to this party, but I was driving down the road with my niece this week. A song came on the radio and I recognized the first line and said, “Hey is this Lizzo?” (I’d heard an interview with her on NPR a couple of months ago.)

Emme said, “Yes, I love her so much.”

It was a great song, and I’m a big Lizzo fan now.

Ava also texted me several songs this week by Bendigo Fletcher because she thought I might like them and I sure did.

My nieces have great taste in music.

I hope you have an excellently curated playlist to listen to this weekend.

I hope the weather is mild and the skies clear.

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