I'm a writer and painter.


I want to live in a world where every woman honors her voice, creates the art of her soul, and speaks the truth of her heart;

where the peaceful have the power, love is our foundation, kindness is our language, and mercy is our guide.

I believe this world exists.
When we create, we dream with God. 
We dream the world into being.

I believe art heals because it reminds us of our wholeness and our sacred nature and our inherent beauty.

I believe I was created to create, and so were you.


I paint prayers, yours and mine. My wish is that you will see in paintings, and therefore yourself, the light of God. While they may not look like the religious icons with which you are familiar, my work draws from the tradition of iconography, in which scripture is translated through imagery. The purpose of a religious icon is not to elevate the artist, but to bring the viewer closer to God. In a sense, you, the viewer, are the true subject of my paintings. I create paintings in a meditative prayerful state and hold the intention  of infusing my work with sacred energy. My hope is that the paintings inspire a similar meditation for you and that when you receive one of my paintings, you also open to receive love and healing. My Christian faith calls me onto the path of the sacred feminine, and this is the face that emerges in my work. Most of my paintings, of various sizes, are for sale, and you may request your personal prayer painting here. It’s my honor to paint for you.



When I’m not in the studio painting prayers, you can find me studying hidden theologies and drinking giant cups of coffee.




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