Mornings With Mary


In the mornings...

I step outside my back door to pray and meditate in my Mary garden.

I’m usually barefoot, in pajamas, with my rosary and a cup of coffee.

Sometimes I sit with my journal.

Sometimes, I just sit.

My devotional time with the Divine Mother reminds me of the divinity within myself – the sacred nature of being female.

It’s a centering and nourishing practice.

When I shared pieces of the writings and images that arise during my mornings with Mary on my Facebook page, the result was a deep and loving conversation that continues to inspire me.

So I compiled these posts into a PDF, a little devotional book that you can use in your own practice.

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Mornings With Mary

is a free offering, from my heart to yours.

If you enjoy it, I’d love for you to share it with the hashtag #morningswithmary or stop by my Facebook page and tell me about your practice.

I hope this collection will serve as a gentle reminder of the great love that flows to you and through you.

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