Creativity Coaching


...where every woman honors her voice, creates the art of her soul, and speaks the truth of her heart - 

a world where every woman understands who she is and knows she was born a creator.

When I see you struggling with a desire to create...when I hear you say you want to paint or write but you don’t have the time or you feel blocked...when I feel your yearning to create a different life, to live in your truth, but you’re unsure where to heart expands because I know where you are.

I see you on the map.

I know you aren’t as lost as you think you are.

And I know how rich and beautiful your life will become when you step into your full power as a beloved creative being - when you find your song, your dance, your artistic hand.

When you create in the way your soul wants to create, you become the truest expression of yourself.

There are so many things that block us from accessing our creative energy or following the guidance of inspiration - childhood wounds, false ideas of who is allowed to make art and who isn’t, fear of exposure and vulnerability, confusion and overwhelm.

The good news is, if you’re willing to show up and meet them, blocks can be healed (made whole) - no matter how long you’ve been walking with them or how large they seem.

There are times in your life when you don’t need another course or another platitude. What you need instead is a companion for your journey, a safe space in which to share your ideas and fears and dreams, a voice to reflect your own beauty back to you.

A sacred creative fire burns in your heart and I can help you find it again.




  • You feel a desire to create, but you can never seem to find the time or you don’t know where to begin.
  • You have always wanted to try [painting, writing, ceramics, dance, etc.] but you can’t seem to work up the nerve.
  • You want to make art but you feel embarrassed because you believe art belongs to “talented” or special people. You’re afraid of what your friends or family members might say.
  • You’ve been stuck or blocked in general, or around a specific project for a while.
  • You are already a working creative who wishes to run some fresh energy through your work.
  • You start a lot of projects but procrastinate or can’t seem to follow through.
  • You’re open to exploring your sacred as well as your creative nature.


  • You’re looking for an instant fix. This work is an organic conversation - we both show up and meet in the middle.
  • You’re looking for technical art instruction.
  • You want advice about how to become a famous artist who sells paintings for thousands of dollars and floats around on a yacht. (Hey, it might happen, but I’m not the person to tell you how to do it.)

Not sure this is for you? Drop me a line and let’s chat.



Within 48 hours of your payment, you will receive a confirmation email from me with a brief intake form. After you answer a few questions, we’ll decide on a time for your first one-hour Skype session.

Your coaching package includes 4 one-hour sessions + additional materials as we see fit. These may include recorded visualizations, journal-writing or art journal prompts, support emails, or (according to your comfort level) work with oracle cards as a way of tapping into the subconscious.

Alternatively, you may choose to work with me for one one-hour session.

Our Creative Conversation has been transformative for me. It has helped me emerge from a very dark time, personally and creatively. These past few weeks I have been swept away by waves of creative insight and work in the studio. I have felt compelled to be in the studio, madly working from one idea to another, and becoming quite drunk on the ‘nectar from many different flowers’. In fact, my next task is to integrate all of this energy into a life that includes the whole of me-daily life, mundane chores, enjoying free time, pets, life. Balance, rhythm, ritual-a creative whole...

It feels delicious to be understanding my way of working and finally feeling a sense of personal authority around my own best practices. I have been taking class after class to learn how I should work, what I should do, how I should focus and now…I have come back to myself. I am truly mystified and awed that this conversation has been so healing and transformational.
— Carol Myers

About Your Guide:

I’m a writer and a prayer painter and I’ve been a maker of things for as long as I can remember. 

I have a BA in studio art and an MFA in fiction writing. I’ve taught in classrooms and online, always with creative expression at the center of what I do.

I know what it feels like to be blocked and I know what it feels like to heal a block and that’s why I’m so passionate about these conversations. I know firsthand the difference it makes in your life to find your voice and set it free.

I am an Episcopalian and my spiritual devotion goes hand in hand with my art-making. 

I’ve also been an explorer of alternative spiritual pathways. I was trained in level III Reiki and have worked as an intuitive.

I bring all of this into my work with you and love meeting you wherever you are on your spiritual path.

Lori-Lyn is someone made of the most beautiful, loving, gentle and unique kind of magic.
As an intuitive she is extremely clear and insightful, yet what I receive from her goes so far beyond just intuitive guidance. Meeting her in the loving space she holds is like entering a shower of love and acceptance. Sounds corny, but is true to every word.
I leave each call with her feeling cleansed, strengthened and revived, clear about my path and in deep connection with both my heart and my guidance.
The support she provides has stayed with me for months, even years after our initial sessions.
In one word, she is incredible.
I feel so very blessed to have found her on my path.
— Alma Sipila

I believe I was created to create, and so were you.

Art is God’s language.

It heals because it reminds us of our wholeness, our sacred nature, and our inherent beauty.

I want to help you tap in to the wonder and love and sheer joy of creation that belongs to you.

Let’s get started.



To work in depth, sign-up for four one-hour Skype sessions. $500.


One-Time Session

For a creative boost, sign-up for a single one-hour Skype session. $150.


Can I do this if I'm not an artist?

Of course. While we're not all artists, we are all creative. Create is what it means to live. Sometimes people tell me they're not creative, but they are. What they usually mean is, they don't feel skilled or talented. There are many, many ways to practice sacred creativity in your life. Art-making is only one.

I don't do Skype. Can we communicate in another way?

While video Skype allows for the best conversational flow, we can conduct our sessions over the phone if you prefer.

If I like the one-time session can I sign-up for the package at a reduced cost? Do you have a payment plan?

In other words, can I change around the payment in anyway? Nope. I'm sorry. Because I offer the package at a discount, I can only extend that pricing when you purchase the four sessions. If you're to sure you want to work with me, send me an email and let's chat.

I'm not religious. Is that a problem?

Oh my goodness, no. It's impossible for me to talk about my own creativity without talking about God and therefore, my religious and spiritual practice. I do not teach religion, however. I work with people from all sorts of faith traditions including no faith tradition. It's our diversity that makes us wonderful and makes our conversations interesting.

Will I have homework?

You will, but you and I will fashion our work together according to your needs and desires. I will give you prompts, assignments, things to think about it. The time you put in will largely determine how this program works for you - but remember, it's creative homework. It's all about joy!

What if I enroll, then decide I'm too busy?

I can't offer refunds for any reason. If you enroll in coaching and life events prevent you from continuing, we'll just keep your sessions on hold for up to a year until you have the time to schedule them.

SPECIAL NOTE: I will be out of town June 11-15 and July 25-August 16, so I won't be conducting sessions those weeks. If you enroll while I'm away, you can fill our your intake form, but you won't hear from me for scheduling until I return. Thanks for understanding.