Are you on the cusp of a transformation?

Do you feel stuck and unsure about how to move forward?

Are you seeking clarity or support?

I want to help you be who you were born to be

A Soul Care Session can help you dive in to your deepest wisdom and hear your own divine guidance.


Soul Care Is sacred

You are a beautiful soul.

Your spirit is precious and unique.

Perhaps you’ve come to place in your journey where the way ahead is covered in fog.

Maybe you feel yourself stepping into the doorway of transformation, but you’re unsure of your next move, unsure you’re hearing your guidance correctly.

You don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

A Soul Care Session is a holistic experience designed for you.

We will meet for an hour on a Zoom video call where will examine your life and current circumstances from a spiritual and energetic perspective.

Your session will include intuitively sensed messages and spiritual counseling, card pulls, and conversation, followed by distance energy healing.

We may explore your gifts and how to share them with the world, where you are feeling challenged, which direction to face as you move forward, imbalances, or decisions you are making.

Our conversation has been transformative for me. It has helped me emerge from a very dark time, personally and creatively. These past few weeks I have been swept away by waves of creative insight and work in the studio. I have felt compelled to be in the studio, madly working from one idea to another, and becoming quite drunk on the ‘nectar from many different flowers’. In fact, my next task is to integrate all of this energy into a life that includes the whole of me-daily life, mundane chores, enjoying free time, pets, life. Balance, rhythm, ritual-a creative whole.
— Carol Myers


When you book your session, you will answer a few questions about what you wish to explore.

I will send you a scheduling link so you can book our call for a time that works for you.

I will meditate and read for you in advance of your session, and share these notes with you as we examine your questions.

After our conversation, I will send you instructions for how to receive the energy healing.

Lori-Lyn is a marvelous listener who provides clarity for the person doing the talking (I know all about this last part, for she recently worked with me on some life purpose/life path concerns I was having.) Lori-Lyn has many talents and a whole lot of wisdom, and she shares them generously, without judgment.
— Sarah Baeber


  • Re-writing old stories into a better feeling narrative

  • Cultivating a sense of peace and calm

  • Stepping into a feeling of renewal and rejuvenation

  • Peeling back the layers to get at the heart of a situation

  • Seeing your situation or relationship with clarity and focus

  • Moving through blocks and barriers

  • Developing a spiritual self-care practice

  • Learning to hear and trust your intuition

Lori-Lyn is someone made of the most beautiful, loving, gentle and unique kind of magic.
As an intuitive she is extremely clear and insightful, yet what I receive from her goes so far beyond just intuitive guidance. Meeting her in the loving space she holds is like entering a shower of love and acceptance. Sounds corny, but is true to every word.
I leave each call with her feeling cleansed, strengthened and revived, clear about my path and in deep connection with both my heart and my guidance.
The support she provides has stayed with me for months, even years after our initial sessions.
In one word, she is incredible.
I feel so very blessed to have found her on my path.
— Alma Sipila

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An intuitive reading is a way of holding space for the unseen, the previously unspoken, the ethereal. Intuition allows for a deeper perception, a wholeness.

I approach intuitive work from a place of training, lived experience, ancestral knowledge, and my innate abilities.

I view tarot and oracle cards as doorways into shared meditation and insight and sometimes use them when I read, but not always.

A reading is an intimate conversation, a prayer, a healing ointment, an honoring of ancient and sacred feminine ways of knowing.

I believe our spiritual gifts are given to us by God, to be used in the service of love.

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms." -1 Peter 4:10

My mission is to use mine to help facilitate wholeness in your life; and remind you that you are seen, guided, and deeply loved.

I want to help you tap into your own intuition and come to know the wisdom in your heart.

I want you to know and trust yourself as the child of light that you are.

Most of all, I hope that my work brings you peace and nourishes your soul.

My session with Lori-Lyn was deeply reassuring and inspiring – a warm homecoming for my spirit! At the same time, our conversation was also quite practical and helpful, and I came away with some concrete practices and ideas for moving forwards. I loved it that while Lori-Lyn very skillfully weaved her own spot-on intuition and intelligence into the conversation, she also invited me to trust my intuition and spiritual power. She is wonderfully kind, easy to talk to, respectful, and truly gifted. I treasure our conversation and look forwards to the next one. I can’t recommend her work highly enough!
— Kate Chadbourne

About Reiki

Reiki is an energy healing practice that activates the human relaxation response and helps the body bring itself into balance and harmony.

Energy healing addresses the body, the mind, and the emotions, and can also facilitate an enhanced spiritual connection.

You will experience Reiki in your own way. For some, the sensation is subtle. For others, it is more noticeable.

The important thing to remember is that Reiki is completely safe, it “works” just as well at a distance as it does in person, and it helps bring about relaxation, stress relief, and a sense of well-being.

During your session, I will balance your chakras (the primary energy centers in the body), wash you in light, and hold you in love.

I begin and end every energy healing session with a prayer for the highest good of all.

If you’re curious about Reiki, I send to my group of supporters on Patreon once a month.

Lori-Lyn is an incredible energy healer. I’ve worked with her many times, for many different reasons.
By the end of our session, I feel clear, confident and closer to God. It’s as if her readings dissolve my perceived blocks and inspire clarity. Being able to work with Lori-Lyn is a privilege.
— Megan Monique Lewis

About Lori-Lyn

I have a BA in studio art and an MFA in fiction writing. I was attuned to Usui Reiki Level III in 2008 and certified as a Soul Coaching© Master Oracle Card Reader Practitioner in 2012. You can read more about me here. If you have any questions about this work, please contact me here.