Red Velvet: A Romance in Seasons


Here's a secret about me...

I'm kind of a romantic.

Okay, that may not be much of a secret.

My birthday is the day after Valentine's Day, I have a long lasting relationship with chocolate and roses, and I'm always won over by big sweeping gestures.


I love the freedom of romance

I started writing this one with a little crumb of an idea – a young woman who owns a bakery and a hot guy who comes in every morning for coffee and a muffin. 

I decided to write a story for them rooted in each of the seasons because…you know…I love holidays, baked goods, and love.

Andrew and Julene grew in my heart and I ended up compiling a collection of six stories that take you through their first year together.

Red Velvet is about finding out who you really are, taking risks, and believing in love.

The Red Velvet collection is 125 pages and includes six stories:

Red Velvet
Gold Glitter
Fairy Cakes
Witch’s Brew
Sugar Plum

These stories begin in February when Julene and Andrew get to know one another, and move through Easter, the summer solstice, Halloween, Christmas, and back to Valentine’s Day again, following the developing relationship between the two plus their cast of family and friends.

The collection is yours for $10.

When you purchase, it comes to you instantly as a digital download.

Print it out, pour a cup of coffee, unwrap your favorite bar of chocolate, and enjoy.




What readers have to say...

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the Red Velvet stories. I absolutely adored them. And my mom did too! She’s passed them along to one of my sisters (not sure who will get them first) and then they will give to the next sister. Love those stories!

The Red Velvet Stories make me feel all is right and magical in the world.
I enjoyed reading the stories so much that, when I had to stop, intermittently, I was always anxious to get back to reading. Love the characters, the descriptions, the magical touches, the plot, and sub-plots.