Ritual is a map for your spirit

Your Sacred Word


Do you choose a guiding word for the year?

This is a practice I’ve engaged in for a while now, and I love it. It’s an anchor for me, a way to focus energy, and a ritual for diving into my heart and charting my desires.

I believe that ritual is a map for the spirit, and the ritual of choosing a sacred word for the year never ceases to be illuminating and surprising.

For the third year, I am pleased to offer personal Your Sacred Word paintings.

It works like this:


You share your sacred word with me.

I write your word and a prayer for your new year on a 12 x 12 gallery wrapped canvas, then paint intuitively.

Your painting will serve as a sort of container for your word, for the energy of your year.

It will be a physical reminder of your year and what you’re inviting in for 2020.

I also believe your painting will speak to you, serving as a companion as you walk the path of your year.

These paintings will be completed on a first come first serve basis and will all be delivered by February 15, 2020.

Please note: I do not offer refunds for any reason.


How to Choose Your Word

Passion, Ease, Love, Hope, Abundance, Spirit, Light, Holy, Patience, Desire, Devotion, Dance, Believe, Let Go, Sanctuary, Wellness, Beauty, Home, Union, Joy, Order, Mystery…

Words are powerful.

They’re a sort of magic.

I know from experience that choosing a word for the year has a real and noticeable impact.

Words change things.

I usually spend some time in meditation before choosing my word (meditation can mean a walk, sitting, taking a bath, or making art.)

I journal about the year I’ve just lived - what was wonderful, what was difficult, what worked, what didn’t.

I answer some questions about what I’m hoping for and where I think I might be going.

I wait for my word to make itself known to me.

You can choose your word this way, or a variety of other methods.

  • Ask a friend about words they’ve chosen and what they experienced as a result

  • Keep a jar of words and pull one out - choose your word via blind drawing!

  • Scan through a book you love or even a magazine and notice what pops out at you

  • Use an oracle deck

  • Read through your dream journal and see what’s calling to you

  • Close your eyes and imagine a movie screen then watch as your word slowly appears on the screen

  • Ask yourself, What is my most secret wish?

  • Ask yourself, What do I most need right now?

  • Ask yourself, Where do I want to go this year?

Your word is a form of prayer.

When you choose your guiding word, you are choosing with your soul and opening your heart. You are saying yes to life and trusting that God loves you and wants what’s best for you.

I’m honored to paint the prayer of Your Sacred Word for 2020


Much love,