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Two women sit at a quiet table in the corner of the cafe, a candle lit and a freshly brewed pot of tea between them. It’s a chilly day. The rain is moving in and russet leaves swirl in the street, but sunlight moves through the window and warms their skin. One woman leans in, her hands around her cup. I just feel there’s something missing, she says. The other woman nods in understanding. You know, she says, you have everything you need within you. Let’s look and where you’ve been and where you want to go...


What happens when you combine intuition, creativity coaching, and spiritual conversation? 

What happens when you let down your guard and speak the truth?

What happens when you trust your own creative nature and the wisdom of your heart?

What happens when you and I listen deeply to one another?

A Sanctuary Session.

I’ve worked and taught in a variety of settings and modalities. At the heart of all of my work is a love for helping other women reclaim their voice and access the Divine within. 

I have a passion for midwifing the birth of your creative dreams, easing you into a space of self-love, walking with you through passageways from one space into another.

In the Creative Sanctuary, I’m bringing together the things I do best and offering them to you as you navigate the waters of your true self.

Our Creative Conversation has been transformative for me. It has helped me emerge from a very dark time, personally and creatively. These past few weeks I have been swept away by waves of creative insight and work in the studio. I have felt compelled to be in the studio, madly working from one idea to another, and becoming quite drunk on the ‘nectar from many different flowers’. In fact, my next task is to integrate all of this energy into a life that includes the whole of me-daily life, mundane chores, enjoying free time, pets, life. Balance, rhythm, ritual-a creative whole.
— Carol Myers

The Coaching Piece:

Together, we’ll soothe the critical voice of the patriarchy and take a feminine approach to life, love, and devotion, and approach your life with creativity.

You are a creative being. You are naturally creative. You know how to be in direct communion with God and your essence.

There are times, however, when you hit roadblocks - when you feel stuck, scared, or unsure how to proceed.

Maybe you’re here because:

  • You long to live out the fullest expression of yourself
  • You feel like you have too many choices or are pulled in multiple directions
  • You want to make art but feel unsure where to begin
  • You’re having trouble trusting yourself or your abilities
  • You’re struggling with fear around what might happen if you tell the truth or allow yourself to be seen.
  • Something feels “off” but you’re not sure what it is
  • You need validation and clarity
  • You’re in the midst of transition and need some guidance

I can help.

Lori-Lyn is an incredible energy healer. I’ve worked with her many times, for many different reasons.
By the end of our call or email reading I feel clear, confident and closer to God. It’s as if her readings dissolve my perceived blocks and inspire clarity.
— Megan Monique Lewis

The Intuitive Piece:

The same way you have a physical body, you have a non-physical body, a vibrating web of energy and information known as your subtle body.

Whether your conscious of it or not, you are experiencing and communicating through your subtle body all the time.

Our human bodies are open containers. Our neurons are in harmony with one another, we feel and sense one another, we know things without using words.

A reading is deep listening and observing.

When I read for you, I move into a prayerful state and listen to your subtle body. I share with you what I see, feel, and understand about your underlying situations. I will share with you what your energy is speaking. 

Intuitive readings can be deeply validating for you, they can confirm for you what you already know, they can shine light into dark places. They can remind you that you are beloved and wholly seen, they can help you let go of the things you no longer need to hold on to, they can guide you along your path.

But readings are not fortune-telling. They’re not predictive. (I don’t answer questions about when you’ll meet the love of your life or make a million dollars.) Readings do not tap into questionable entities.

Intuitive readings happen in a field of love.

They are held in love.

The types of questions you might want to ask:

  • How could I improve my relationship with my...?
  • What kind of work am I best suited for?
  • How can I better "hear" my intuition?
  • How can I better take care of myself?
  • What does my body/mind/spirit need to feel best?
  • How can I reduce stress in my life?
  • Which of my chakras (energy centers) needs some love and attention?
  • What do I most need to know right now?
  • How can I dissolve my creative blocks?
  • How can I engage and enliven my creativity?

You Have Choices

There are two ways you can choose to work with me in the Sanctuary. It's all up to you, how deeply you want to dive in, how much of your story you wish to unravel and weave back together.

One Session is an hour long conversation that will blend coaching and intuitive work. This is a great choice for you if you need a little boost, if you have one specific question, if you're needing a light on your path. We can talk over the phone or video conference.

One Month gives you three one-hour sessions. This is a great choice for you if you need some time to delve in and work together around one or two pressing issues. We can talk over the phone or video conference.

Terms: I truly want you to be happy with the work we do together, but I do not offer refunds for any reason


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Lori-Lyn is someone made of the most beautiful, loving, gentle and unique kind of magic.
As an intuitive she is extremely clear and insightful, yet what I receive from her goes so far beyond just intuitive guidance. Meeting her in the loving space she holds is like entering a shower of love and acceptance. Sounds corny, but is true to every word.
I leave each call with her feeling cleansed, strengthened and revived, clear about my path and in deep connection with both my heart and my guidance.
The support she provides has stayed with me for months, even years after our initial sessions.
In one word, she is incredible.
I feel so very blessed to have found her on my path.
— Alma Sipila

What I bring 

I am a working artist and writer with a background in intuitive, energy, and healing work.
I have a BA in studio art and an MFA in fiction writing. 
I have also worked as a healer and intuitive, and I'm a certified Soul Coaching © Oracle Card Practitioner. 
I am an Episcopalian, a Living Compass Congregational Wellness Advocate, a student of theology, and a wild-hearted person of faith. I dream with the sacred feminine. 
I believe in many paths to the same God.
I believe art heals.
I believe in you.
I believe in love.
You can read more about me here and my background here.

My session with Lori-Lyn was deeply reassuring and inspiring – a warm homecoming for my spirit! At the same time, our conversation was also quite practical and helpful, and I came away with some concrete practices and ideas for moving forwards. I loved it that while Lori-Lyn very skillfully weaved her own spot-on intuition and intelligence into the conversation, she also invited me to trust my intuition and spiritual power. She is wonderfully kind, easy to talk to, respectful, and truly gifted. I treasure our conversation and look forwards to the next one. I can’t recommend her work highly enough!
— Kate Chadbourne

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