Welcome to my studio. 


I paint prayers.

I create sacred space, write a prayer or intention on my canvas, then paint that which wishes to emerge. 

I believe that every painting I create is meant for someone. There are times when I know who that person is and times when I don't.

If one of my paintings speaks to you, I want you to have it.

You can commission a personal prayer painting here.

Or visit my shop to purchase a small saint.


Vision Paintings for 2018

I am creating vision paintings for the new year, to hold space for your dreams and intentions. 

You have until the end of February to request your painting - which will serve as a container for your guiding word or prayer the year and a sort of vision board to remind you of your soul's truth.

Learn more and request your painting here.


I Share Sacred Space.

I work with women who are ready to explore the connection between creativity and the sacred.

I help people just like you ignite their creative spark and find self-expression.

Join in the conversation in the Creating With the Sacred Feminine group.


I Write Love Stories.

I write a collection of romantic short stories called Red Velvet. If you like coffee, baked goods, chocolate, tarot, and kisses, you can download the PDF and start reading right away. 

I'm working on a longer length Red Velvet story to be released sometime in 2018.

I send members of my list a monthly Studio Love Story PDF.  This little e-magazine will be filled with imagery - everything I created during the month - stories about the creative process, my spiritual life, all the usual love letter stuff, but more of it. 

The Studio Love Story is my way of sharing my work and my heart with you.

If you're not already a member of my list but you'd like to be, you can use the form below to let me know.

Feel free to make suggestions, share your story, tell me what you're hoping to find.

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P.S. My Mornings With Mary devotional is free from me to you. You can find it in the shop.