My name is Lori-Lyn. I'm a writer and a painter.


I write about creativity, the sacred feminine, reclaiming voice, spirituality, intuition, and the callings of my heart.

I paint prayers - yours and mine.

I tell love stories - most of which involve coffee and chocolate.

You may have seen my work around here

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Painting is devotional, a way to make the invisible visible. I create paintings in a prayerful state and hold the intention of infusing my work with the energy of the sacred feminine. My hope is that when you receive one of them, you open to receive the love and healing that is meant for you.

Creative Sanctuary Guidance

Join me in the sanctuary and gain clarity and healing. If you're feeling blocked, need some inspiration, or some intuitive guidance to illuminate your path, I'm lighting the candle for you here.

Personal Prayer Paintings

Allow me to take your prayer into meditation and paint intuitively for you. I love creating these pieces for you. Each one is completely unique and made in with the essence of your prayers at heart.

I've been writing...