Hi, I'm Lori-Lyn. 


I pray with paint

How would you like to own a painting, created for you, that will speak to your heart and hold your vision for the new year?

In the Garden of Abundance.jpg

I'm a writer and a painter. I believe art heals, so I paint prayers of the sacred feminine and tell love stories - most of which involve coffee and chocolate. You may have seen my work around here. You can commission a painting here. Painting is devotional, a way to make the invisible visible. I hold the intention of infusing my work with healing energy. May these paintings bless you on your journey and remind you that you are beloved.

Creative Sanctuary Sessions

Join me in the Creative Sanctuary for a blend of coaching and intuitive work to jumpstart your creative process, find your center, strengthen your voice, and discover what it is you wish to be creating in the world. 

Personal Prayer Paintings

Allow me to take your prayer into meditation and paint intuitively for you. Personal Prayer  paintings are created in a prayerful state as a reflection of your energy and heart - your wishes, desire, and thanksgivings.

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