You step into the chapel.
The air here is different, the silence a velvet cloak that wraps around you.
Sun beams stream through the stained glass, moving blues and reds across the wooden floor.
Flames dance in the votive candles below the icon of the Mother.
The Cosmic Mother.
The Holy Yes.
You kneel there, held in light, and ignite your candle.
You close your eyes and whisper a prayer that flows from your heart into the heart of the Divine.
Long after you have left this place, the candle will burn, etching your prayer into the fabric of the universe.
Prayer is alive.
It changes things.



It came to me in a dream.

I created medicine paintings for you.

You contacted me with your prayers, your questions, your wishes and thanksgivings, and I entered into the process of sacred painting on your behalf.

At first, I wasn’t sure it could work. The painting process is mysterious and personal.

What if I made a painting for you and you didn’t like it?

But not long after I had this dream, people began to contact me to ask if I would paint for them. One person after another, each request unique. Each circumstance, a different desire.

I knew I was being called into this process.

I began by offering group prayer paintings. Several women sent me their prayers. I wrote them on the canvas and the process began.

A few months later, I created my first Personal Prayer Painting for an individual.

I was honored she thought to ask me. I felt a great sense of importance around the painting and the role I hoped it could play in her healing. When I started painting, the process took over

– which is to say, the Holy Spirit moved and God took over.

Nishaan and her Prayer Painting (+ Woody in the background)

Nishaan and her Prayer Painting (+ Woody in the background)

When I’m in the work, I paint intuitively and the veil between this world and the next grows thin.

Something happens on the canvas that isn't mine, but holds meaning and value for the recipient. 

Symbolic language shows up in the paintings.

They speak.

And my hope is that what they have to say is exactly what you need to hear.

Someone recently told me the prayer painting I’d created for them would hang on their wall and continue to bless them for years to come.

My heart sang.

My paintings are not just object, they are prayers.

They come in the name of healing.

They are just like the votive candles flickering in the chapel.

They hold space for wholeness and remind both me and you of who and what we are.


Prayer, meditation, and intuition are closely linked. When I paint for you, I listen to the energies and messages surrounding you. 

Your painting is a unique expression.

It is medicine for your heart

Here’s how it happens:

Choose From Two Sizes:

  • 20 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas is $250 

  • 12 x 12 gallery wrapped canvas is $95

After Your Purchase: I will contact you with the email address you provide and ask you a few questions about your prayer. (Or you can go ahead and share your prayer on the payment form.)

What I Do Next: I’ll open my heart and connect to you with prayer and meditation, and create a painting for you in response.

There’s no way to predict what your painting will look like, or what will show up there. Although these paintings are not likenesses of you, your painting will be completely unique to you.

You can trust that whatever happens is what’s meant for you. 

Receiving Your Painting: If you’re in the Lexington area, you can pick-up your painting (Please contact me for this option.) Otherwise, I can ship anywhere in the U.S. (Use the purchase now button for this option.)

Terms: I truly want you to be happy with the work we do together and the art you receive, but I do not offer refunds for any reason. If you are interested in a payment plan, please be in touch.



This is not just about a painting.

For me, painting is spirit-led and devotional, a way to make the invisible visible.

When you commission a Prayer Painting from me, you’re not just requesting a work of art.

The painting is not simply an object.

These paintings are vehicles.

They are vessels for healing energy.

As the painter, I act as a bridge between you and the Divine.

The painting is a container for your prayer, but it isn’t static.

Your painting will continue to speak to you in love, with love.

The real relationship begins when you receive your painting and the two of you begin your sacred conversation.


praise for prayer paintings

From the moment I knew my prayer painting was on its way to me, I was eagerly awaiting its arrival! Opening up the package when it arrived was better than Christmas morning. And then seeing her face for the first time, the woman in my painting; well, it felt like I was seeing a part of my soul I hadn’t yet met. Something deep within, that I didn’t know, I didn’t know was there. She’s been with me for a little over a week now and every day, I feel she reveals a new secret to me and holds space for the woman I desire to be and become. The prayer that I sent to Lori-Lyn for my painting was in short, ‘Fulfillment’. And what I got was just that and more. She is a vision for my future. A calling, to my greatest possible path. A blessing. I am in love with Lori-Lyn and her personalized prayer paintings!
— Megan Monique Lewis
Megan and her Prayer Painting

Megan and her Prayer Painting

This custom painting by Lori-Lyn is actually *absolute* magic. Beneath this gorgeousness she wrote my intentions/prayers/wishes. She painted on top of them from her heart and intuitive spirit, then she hugged it in to a handmade frame. I’ve been blown away by what I feel this piece has manifested in my life! I see it first thing waking in the door and it feels like a constant high vibration in deep support and cheer for me. To me it works a lot like Feng Shui. It works a lot like the power of intentions.
— Nishaan Sandhu
Jodi and her Prayer Painting

Jodi and her Prayer Painting

Best gift ever! My BFF sent me a pic of hers with the sun hitting it just right, causing it to glow. Thank you!
— Tricia Isenstein
I have wanted a painting by Lori-Lyn for a long time. I am finding myself at a loss for words to describe how I feel about my prayer painting. It is perfect for me and I love it!
— Chris Hampton

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